Long time, no post

It turns out that having a tenure-track faculty job takes up a lot of time! I have been remiss in updating this newsfeed for quite some time.

Some bulleted updates:

  • I defended my doctoral dissertation in December 2014, so I am one small step from officially having my doctorate.
  • I have been awarded my 3rd and 4th year contracts for my job here at Rowan, so I will be here at least through June of 2017.
  • My classroom experience has expanded to include Freshman Engineering Clinic II and Mechanical Engineering Lab.
  • I have become highly involved at all levels of the University serving on a Faculty Senate Committee (University Scholarships), sitting on the board of the Faculty Center, and serving on my department’s three most recent search committees.

I’m loving every minute- I feel so grateful to have found my dream job!


Many changes!

I am excited to be starting a new position as a tenure track instructor of Mechanical Engineering at Rowan University! I will be teaching three classes: Freshman Clinic I, Sophomore Clinic, and Advanced Heat and Mass Transfer. I am looking forward to joining a great department whose faculty is committed to excellence in engineering education!

To accomodate this new job, my family and I have moved from Illinois to New Jersey! We are excited to be in Phillies and Eagles territory and closer to my extended family!

Summer Conferences

Summer 2013 will be another busy one for me. I will be presenting my work at the Air & Waste Management Association’s Annual Conference and Exhibition in June and at the Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professor’s conference in July. I will also traveling to the American Society for Engineering Education annual conference as an attendee in June.

I’m looking forward to meeting new colleagues and reconnecting with old friends during my travels!

Air & Waste Managment Association’s Annual Conference and Exhibition

I have just returned from the Air & Waste Management Association’s Annual Conference and Exhibition where I presented a paper on some of my doctoral work (Characterization of Adsorption of Select Organic Gases on Activated Carbon Fiber Cloth). The paper was well received and the conference was quite enjoyable. It’s always nice to spend time away from the lab to catch up with colleagues and meet new ones.


Teaching Update and Reviews

It’s been a while since I last posted. Last semester was quite busy with teaching my first class and trying to get research done! I had a great time teaching CEE446: Air Quality Engineering and getting to know my 31 students. My favorite days in the classroom were the days full of interaction and problem solving, and I really hope to design future courses to maximize that sort of atmosphere.

I have just received my teaching evaluations and was thrilled to see that I have made it to the List of Teachers Ranked Excellent by Their Students put out by the Center for Teaching Excellence. My students also left some very helpful comments about how to make the course and my teaching better next time around. I am definitely looking forward to implementing their feedback the next time I teach.

2012 is now full steam ahead with getting the data I need to write my dissertation. Hopefully my experiments cooperate and I will have some nice results to publish in the near future!


I just returned from my first Association of Environmental Engineering and Science Professors (AEESP) conference, and it was a great experience!  The entire program from the Sunday workshops to the nightly social activities was beautifully executed, and the conference atmosphere was outgoing and friendly from the start.

I especially enjoyed meeting professors from all over the country and learning about the schools they work at and research they do.  It was also great to see some former U of I grad students who are now faculty members and chat with the newest member of the U of I faculty who will be coming to Champaign-Urbana in the fall!

I’m definitely looking forward to the next AEESP conference in 2013!

Mavis Future Faculty Fellowship

My colleague John Atkinson and I were both recently named to the Mavis Future Faculty Fellows (MF3) Program by the University of Illinois College of Engineering. The purpose of the program is to “facilitate the training of the next generation of great engineering professors.”

There are approximately 12-20 new fellows named each year by the College of Engineering from the pool of applicants.

As part of the program I will receive training in research, teaching, and mentoring to help prepare me for a faculty career.  I will also have the opportunity to attend the 2012 American Society of Engineering Education Annual Conference in San Antonio, TX.

I am very much looking forward to taking advantage of the opportunities that will be provided by the MF3 program!